COVID Updates

Update Posted: 3/20/2020

RiverBank Social Distancing Guidelines

On March 17, 2020, Governor Asa Hutchison asked Arkansas businesses to take steps to reduce the social interaction among customers and employees. RiverBank believes that a fluid and accessible banking system is essential to our communities and is committed to continuation of the services we offer. Many commonsense steps can be taken to blunt the spread of COVID-19 and accommodate the Governor’s request, all while continuing to offer needed services to our customers.

Practically all banking transactions can be efficiently accommodated through, by telephone, through email, or at the drive thru window. Please make every attempt to utilize these avenues to conduct your banking needs. If a unique need arises which you are unable to take care of through one of these avenues, please call the Pocahontas Branch at (870) 892-BANK or the Corning Branch at (870) 857-BANK to make an appointment so that we can accommodate your request.

Please consider the following:

  1. Call ahead if you need forms or have a specific transaction that you think may take longer. This will give us time to prepare and have materials ready. Additionally, we may ask you to choose a specific drive through lane so that we can work with you while not slowing access to the drawer window.
  2. Please utilize our night deposit along with a phone call if you simply have something to drop off and there is a line at the drive through.
  3. Please don’t be concerned if you see our employees wearing personal protective equipment. These items are simply precautionary. Our employees are being screened prior to coming to work. In no case would we have an infected person or even a person of concern at the bank.
  4. You may have heard how COVID-19 is affecting the supply chain. For RiverBank, that may mean slower response for things like appraisals, title work, lien searches, IT requests, etc. Please be assured that we, as well as our suppliers are working diligently to process you needs.
  5. We are sanitizing our work areas frequently, including the drive through window and the ATM’s. We sanitize our hands between customer interactions. All food and beverages are restricted to the break areas to reduce hand to face contact while working.
  6. For security and to prevent an unscheduled guest from entering, we will keep the lobby locked. If you have an appointment, please call to let us know when to let you in.
Our goal is to be an active participant in the call for social distancing necessary to address COVID-19 while continuing to service our customers. We do not know if or when additional steps will be necessary. We will continue to monitor our state government closely and keep you notified as changes occur.

We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We are thankful for the sacrifices that are being made by our community’s healthcare workers, as well as the many other essential employees of our local government and businesses, as they continue to serve our community. Like them, we want to be a part of the solution.

Update Posted: 3/19/2020

Valued Customers,

No doubt the COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines. We at RiverBank understand the vital role smooth and efficient banking plays in our customer's lives and are committed to doing all that we can to minimize any impact the COVID-19 may have on our service. Accordingly, we have and continue taking precautionary steps to minimize risk of this virus's transmission, but we need your help and corporation.

To minimize your risk, employee risk, and risk to other customers, if you have had in the past 14 days one of these conditions:

  • High Temperature (Greater than 100.4)
  • Cough and shortness of breath
  • Traveled out of the country or to cities in the USA that have community spread of the virus
  • Or have been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19.
Please consider attempting you banking on, by phone (892-BANK- Pocahontas, 857-BANK - Corning) or at our drive through window. Virtually all banking transactions can be handled in one of these three venues, allowing you to fulfill your banking needs while being part of the solution to this infectious situation.

We are confident this will pass, and things will return to normal, but during this unique period the risk to our elderly customers is elevated and we want to make sure we are doing what we can to minimize that risk.